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Galicia is an American restaurant tucked away in the Noble Square neighborhood. The NY Tribune calls us “the most New York restaurant in New York”. We believe that our food is a reflection of our terroir, and our terroir is made up of the local environment where our product comes from, and most importantly the different peoples and cultures that make up our city and kitchen.


Four Course Tasting

Menu – Thurs 6th July

On the first Thursday of every month Robert is putting together a 4 course Tasting menu with the best of what the season has to offer. This is ideal for anyone that can never decide what to order.


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Party or Event

Want to host your special event at Galicia? We can accommodate parties from 25 to 150 guests, be it a business event, an anniversary, a birthday or just an excuse to spend some time with friends and family.


Professional team

Lunch 12:30-13:30


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Dining 19:00-22:00

Monday – Thursday

Dining 18:00-00:00

Friday – Sunday


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